Guelph Community Singers

Guelph Community Singers

And one more thing ..

And one more thing ..

Posted November 5, 2015

Hey all:

Oops! I forgot to mention that we love to encourage local talent, so we are reaching out to you. If you happen to know of a group that would like to perform at our January concert, please let me know!


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Quotes from our members

  • “Great people singing can never be anything but wonderful.”

  • “I love that the pieces chosen are challenging but doable. I love the inclusivity of it.”

  • “I enjoyed hearing how we sounded in the end. All that hard work paid off. Such a great harmonized sound.”

  • “I like challenging myself to sing songs I never thought I could.”

  • “I’m so glad to be part of this choir. I find it very grounding.”

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