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Guelph Community Singers

GCS Weekly Warm-up (V052816)

GCS Weekly Warm-up (V052816)

Posted May 31, 2016

Hi my singing friends!


  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Singing In The Rain
  • Into the Woods

We’re getting closer! For those of you who will be participating for the first time, and as a reminder for our returning members: Please wear a solid BRIGHT coloured top (not black, not white, not patterned or multi-coloured), with dark bottoms.


By ‘dress rehearsal’ we mean rehearsal on site, not necessarily in your bright concert shirts. We will be rehearsing at Trinity United, 7:30-9:30.

Please see the other emails I sent today.

Message from Barb Moldenhauer, Concert Mistress: Please feel free to contact me directly: or 519 824 6172

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP SHEETS: Thank you to everyone. I just need one more “taking down sanctuary” volunteer. Please sign up on Wednesday. You’re great!

CONCERT TICKETS: Tickets will be available to pick up for pre-sale at our practice on Wednesday. To make things easier and faster, please contact me directly and let me know how many you want. I will have them ready for you. You may take unpaid tickets with you to sell. Please return cash/cheques and any unsold tickets to me at our rehearsal at Trinity on June 1. (Tickets picked up next week, June 1, must be paid for at that time.) Tickets are a bargain now; $10 as compared to $15 at the door!!!

REFRESHMENTS: I trust everyone will bring one item for the refreshment table to share with each other and all our guests. Please bring to the church auditorium, already prepared (cut) on your own plate or bowl from home, properly covered with saran wrap. These can be immediately placed on the tables set up in Trinity Hall, ready for intermission. Of course, you will have to remember to take your plate/bowl back home after the concert! Please bring FINGER FOODS only – nothing requiring a fork or spoon to eat. Suggestions: squares / cookies / candies / any kind of loaf / tarts / cheese & crackers / veggies / fruit / bowl of potato chips, doritos, etc.

See you Wednesday, Barbara

Session 2 Rehearsals:   Feb 3 – June 1
Break:                             March 16
Spring Concert:             June 4

SCENTS SENSITIVITIES: Just a reminder: Some of our members are very sensitive to scents. Please don’t wear perfume or other strong scents when you come to choir practice. Thanks!

Your intrepid membership coordinator

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Quotes from our members

  • “Great people singing can never be anything but wonderful.”

  • “I love that the pieces chosen are challenging but doable. I love the inclusivity of it.”

  • “I enjoyed hearing how we sounded in the end. All that hard work paid off. Such a great harmonized sound.”

  • “I like challenging myself to sing songs I never thought I could.”

  • “I’m so glad to be part of this choir. I find it very grounding.”

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