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GCS Weekly Warm-up (V160216)

GCS Weekly Warm-up (V160216)

Posted February 19, 2016

Hi my singing friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic Family Day. My daughter and I watched old movies and ate popcorn. Not exactly life-affirming, but fun!

We’re delighted to welcome 17 new members (plus a few who may yet join us this Wednesday). Be sure to say hello! And if you are new, don’t be shy – move right into the middle of the row. You will find it’s easier to sing if you have experienced voices all around you. In fact we sing better when we’re all crowded together. We can hear ourselves better!


  • Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat
  • Now is the Month of Maying
  • There’s No Business Like Show Business

Ever wonder what those strange symbols mean? Grace is hosting another Music Reading Workshop on March 9. Don’t forget to sign up!

Dave has posted some new music on the website. The password is gcs. The tracks are easy to download and you can even add them to your smartphone playlist! Please let us know if you’re having trouble accessing the tracks.

We can get a deal on tickets to Into the Woods (April 30th). Please sign up and join us for a lovely evening of music at the River Run.

Session 2 Rehearsals:   Feb 3 – June 1
Break:                            March 16th
Spring Concert:             June 4th

Lise Anne Janis
Membership Coordinator

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Quotes from our members

  • “Great people singing can never be anything but wonderful.”

  • “I love that the pieces chosen are challenging but doable. I love the inclusivity of it.”

  • “I enjoyed hearing how we sounded in the end. All that hard work paid off. Such a great harmonized sound.”

  • “I like challenging myself to sing songs I never thought I could.”

  • “I’m so glad to be part of this choir. I find it very grounding.”

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