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Guelph Community Singers

GCS Weekly Warmup (010417)

GCS Weekly Warmup (010417)

Posted January 27, 2017

Hello my singing friends!

From now until the concert, our practices will go from 7:30 to 9:30. Lots of time to fine tune the details!

TONIGHT: JANUARY 4 SECTIONALS: we will be breaking out into sections to work on aspects of some of the pieces. If you haven’t done a sectional before, you’ll love it! It’s amazing how it helps us sing better when we review some of the tougher parts. Please arrive a bit early. Altos downstairs. Tenors and basses upstairs in Paisley room, and Sopranos in the Sanctuary.

TONIGHT: CONCERT TICKETS AVAILABLE 7-7:30 BEFORE CHOIR!! Tickets are $10 each, $5 for children, $30 for families. Or email your order to Barb Moldenhauer at

Our poster is ready! Here is a jpg of the poster. Feel free to post it on FaceBook, in emails to your friends … everywhere!

CONCERT VOLUNTEERS: There still a few volunteer opportunities available! See Barb Moldenhauer for details. Barb will be looking for help organizing the next concert … so think about whether you might like to be an impresario!

CONCERT WARM UP: We will do a warm-up from 5:30 to 6:30. Please arrive at 5:15 to be ready to sing at 5:30.

Thinking Out Loud
Queen Medley
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Nella Fantasia
Last Rose of Summer
Loch Lomond
Red Red Rose
Gilbert & Sullivan Medley
Danny Boy

REGISTRATION FOR NEXT SESSION FEB 1: SEEKING 3 AMBASSADORS: We still need some help with registration for next session. Let me know if you’re available to help out. It means arriving early for the first three weeks to help staff the registration desks, and to help new members find their sections.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: REGISTRATION OPEN HOUSE FEB 1 Here’s your chance to get to know some other members!

What We Sang Last
O Canada
Thinking Out Loud

What We’re Singing Next
Sectionals, then we will be reviewing the whole line up

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR SCENTS TO PRACTICE: A favour: I have been asked to remind you that some of us are very sensitive to perfumes. One soprano in particular gets quite ill when she is near strong perfume. It would be a shame if she had to quit as a result. Please don’t wear scents to our practices. Thank you!!

Click on The password is ‘gcs’.

You’re all welcome to join us after choir for a cuppa tea or your bevvie of choice at the Pennywhistle. We enjoy talking about what we’re singing, and of course it’s always fun to make new friends.

SESSION ONE (18 rehearsals)
REHEARSALS      January 4-18 2017 (2 hour rehearsals) 7:30-9:30PM
SECTIONALS       October 19, January 4
CONCERT            January 21, 2017

SESSION TWO (17 rehearsals)
REGISTRATION   February 1-15, 2017
REHEARSALS      February 1-March 8, 7:30-9PM
BREAK                  March 15
REHEARSALS      May 17-31 (2 hour rehearsals) 7:30-9:30PM
SECTIONALS       March 22, May 17
CONCERT            June 3, 2017

See you soon!

Lise Anne Janis
Membership Coordinator
For the Joy of Singing!

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Quotes from our members

  • “Great people singing can never be anything but wonderful.”

  • “I love that the pieces chosen are challenging but doable. I love the inclusivity of it.”

  • “I enjoyed hearing how we sounded in the end. All that hard work paid off. Such a great harmonized sound.”

  • “I like challenging myself to sing songs I never thought I could.”

  • “I’m so glad to be part of this choir. I find it very grounding.”

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